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Xiyuan Hotel Yangzhou is located on the beautiful Slender West Lake, with the former site of the Emperor Qianlong's Palace. It is close to the bustling area of the city center and enjoys convenient transportation and unique advantages.

After completing the star reconstruction project at the end of 2011, Xiyuan Hotel is rich and elegant, warm and romantic, becoming a high-end business hotel in Yangcheng.

Xiyuan Hotel Yangzhou has intelligent rooms, the rooms are spacious and elegant, and all rooms have wifi. The comfortable and warm living environment, combined with advanced guest room facilities, will provide you with a clean and private resting place. The restaurant is full of Chinese and Western cuisines. The Red House Banquet, Three-Head Banquet, and Wei Yang are famous at home and abroad. All kinds of restaurants are beautiful. The hotel has a high-end Western-style buffet restaurant in Yangcheng, which will start a colorful and delicious food tour for you. Fully equipped large and small meeting rooms and supporting wellness facilities provide high-quality leisure and entertainment venues to meet your different needs. Staying in the West Garden will make you feel relaxed, unforgettable, and leave you poetic memories!